Frequently Asked Questions

You can sell your pre-loved South Asian outfits and accessories here on Euphory and we focus more on designer bridal wear. 

Once you have picked out an item that you like, please use the WhatsApp function to reach out to us and we can facilitate the buying process for you. Note that Buyers are responsible for shipping unless Seller agrees to cover it. 

In most circumstances, the listed price is the fixed price but you are welcome to send reasonable offers to us via WhatsApp and we can get back to you if the Seller is willing to sell the item at that price or if the Seller has a counter offer. 

Please first read the terms and conditions and if you accept the terms and conditions, send us your outfits or accessories via WhatsApp. Please include all relevant information including buying price, selling price, measurements and the place of purchase. 

A good rule of thumb is 30% to 50% off the price you bought it at. 

We charge a flat 10% commission for listing the products and bringing this marketplace to you!

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